Top Ten Tuesday: The Top Ten Books I Can’t Believe I Want to Read From The “Arts & Crafts” Genre


Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. This feature was created because they are particularly fond of lists at The Broke and the Bookish, and I decided to share my list with all of you also!

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is ten books I can’t believe I want to read from the arts and crafts genre. I don’t consider myself an avid crafter, but every now and again I surprise myself with something I find off of Pinterest or something I find in a book. Shall we?

knitting mkae

1. Simple Knitting by Erika Knight. I love to knit. I don’t knit often or complex patterns, but it is relaxing and a really neat way to create something you can wear. I’m also a huge fan of sweaters so maybe this book will get me to knit a sweater of my own!

2. Make and Give by Steph Hung & Erin Jang. This book includes ideas and tutorials for items you can give to others. This book would be great for the holidays if you wanted to give heartfelt and homemade gifts!

mail Wise Craft final cover mech.indd

3. Good Mail Day by Jennie Hinchcliff & Carolee Gilligan Wheeler. I know most people don’t write and send letters the old fashion way, but that doesn’t mean people don’t like to receive it. This book is full of ideas on how to make your postage adorable and eye catching!

4. Wise Craft by Blair Stocker. This book is full of ideas and ways to repurpose the old and make it into something new. Instead of throwing all my old stuff out, I can make it into something I love again!

origami flowers

5. The Biggest Ever Book of Origami by Nick Robinson. Ok I love origami. I don’t know why, but it just fascinates me! Maybe it’s the fact that you can take a flat piece of paper and fold it into something you never thought possible. It’s just awesome.

6. Paper to Petal by Rebecca Thuss & Patrick Farrell. This book looks gorgeous! Taking paper and turning it into pretty little flowers sounds like fun. Plus you never have to water them!

makeover craft

7. Furniture Makeovers by Barbara Blair. The idea of taking ugly furniture and making it into something you love and adore excites me like no tomorrow! You can saves tons of money with furniture upgrades and I’m all about that!

8. Terrarium Craft by Amy Bryant Aiello, Kate Bryant, & Kate Baldwin. Who doesn’t love terrariums?  It’s like a piece of the outside all bottled up in a tiny jar, bowl, or whatever is your fancy! They also serve as some great decoration pieces.

handmade repurposed

9. Making Handmade Books by Alisa Golden. What book lover doesn’t want to literally make their own book?! These would be great as gifts or to keep for myself!

10. The Repurposed Library by Lisa Occhipinti. This book looks really cool. Who doesn’t want book décor all throughout their home? Only problem is I couldn’t’ do this to any of the books I love, but it would be great for those books I was never a fan of!

What are some of your favorite arts and crafts?

11 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: The Top Ten Books I Can’t Believe I Want to Read From The “Arts & Crafts” Genre

  1. The Repurposed Library sounds really cool. I totally agree that I wouldn’t be able to use my favorite books because it would be terrible to destroy them. I can definitely use ones that I didn’t like so much.
    Thanks for sharing.


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