Monthly Wrap Up

Time for a late monthly wrap up! Sorry I haven’t posted much this month. My life was crazy busy and work was busy also. I didn’t have many mandatory books to read this month, so I got a little lazy. And I have been stuck in a serious book slump. I swear if I read another book about suicide, I might scream. It seems as though almost every contemporary book I have read this year has been about suicide. I do feel like it is a subject that should be explored, but it seems like there has been a lot of suicide talk in books this year. Does anyone else feel this way? Anywayyyyyyy, I plan on posting more this month and I have a giveaway for you guys so watch out! I also plan to start a new feature on my blog…be on the look out for it (especially if you like food)!

Books Reviewed This Month

23278280 18244970 23361172

22836575 23014822 23398869

My favorite book I reviewed this month was definitely Ana of California! I have so much love for this book! I can’t recommend it enough!

Anticipated Releases for August

 23346358 24338298 22718802

2 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap Up

  1. I also had a bad month I got into a slump and then I got out of it and then I had a book hangover.

    You definitely sparked my interest, I can’t wait to see this new feature especially because it does involve food.

    I hope you have a better reading month for August.


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