Monthly Wrap Up: March 2016

For the first time this year, I feel like I am catching up on those review copies. I actually got to read books off of my TBR this month and that was the best feeling in the world. While I didn’t review a ton of books, I did get to read some awesome books, which I will be reviewing soon.

I am learning more and more about this whole blogging thing.

The biggest thing I have learned is self control on requesting those review copies. When Harper Collins puts all those pretty review copies on Edelweiss, I couldn’t control myself… However, I have gotten SO MUCH better about that! I made a commitment not to request any more review copies until I read and review all the review copies I currently have. So far, it’s been going very well!

Books Read & Reviewed

22020592 21979832

25776223 22428707

I didn’t review a ton of books this month, but it the best I have done this year. Yes, I know it’s sad… I would love to develop a system that helps me review quicker and more efficiently. Any tips?

April To Be Read List

Regarding how I have been reading this year, this list is quite ambitious, but I plan on sticking to it! I seriously want to reach my Goodreads goal (100 books) and I need to start kicking my reading into gear! Most of these books are review copies, but I added a few books that have been on my TBR for quite some time now. I have got to start reading more TBR books so I have an excuse to buy more pretty books! 🙂

Hope everyone has a lovely April!


3 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap Up: March 2016

  1. The covers of basically ALL the books you intend to read in April are stunning! I have seen a couple of them around and want to read them as well and then there are others I have never seen before but which totally have me intrigued. So not fair! My TBR is going to suffer greatly.


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