Review: Front Lines by Michael Grant

18743370Title: Front Lines

Author: Michael Grant

Publication Date: January 26, 2016

Publisher: Katherine Tegan Books

Synopsis from Goodreads:

1942. World War II. The most terrible war in human history. Millions are dead; millions more are still to die. The Nazis rampage across Europe and eye far-off America.

The green, untested American army is going up against the greatest fighting force ever assembled—the armed forces of Nazi Germany.

But something has changed. A court decision makes females subject to the draft and eligible for service. So in this World War II, women and girls fight, too.

As the fate of the world hangs in the balance, three girls sign up to fight. Rio Richlin, Frangie Marr, and Rainy Schulterman are average girls, girls with dreams and aspirations, at the start of their lives, at the start of their loves. Each has her own reasons for volunteering. Not one expects to see actual combat. Not one expects to be on the front lines.

Rio, Frangie, and Rainy will play their parts in the war to defeat evil and save the human race. They will fear and they will rage; they will suffer and they will inflict suffering; they will hate and they will love. They will fight the greatest war the world has ever known.

New York Times bestselling author Michael Grant has created a masterful alternate history of World War II in Front Lines, the first volume in a groundbreaking series.

I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Front Lines alternates between the lives of three young women. Rio Richlin who is not even of age and had a sister that just died in the war, Rainy Schulterman who is smart, quick, and Jewish, and Frangie Marr who is colored and just wants to be a medic. Although every girl joins for a different reason, all of them hope to stay away from the front lines.

Rio joins on a whim. She slips up and says she is going to join the army and at that point, it’s too late to take back what she said. Rainy joins because she wants to stop this war, to fight for her family and for her religion. Frangie is only joining because her father is out of work and her family desperately needs the money.

The first half of this book follows Rio, Rainy, and Fragnie before they are sent off to war. We get a thorough history of their lives before they enter boot camp and intelligence school and what their lives are like as they complete boot camp and intelligence school. The second half of this book follows the girl’s lives as they go to war. Each girl’s storyline is separate, but intricately intertwined.

Ok, this book. I mean this freaking book. This book blew me away. There was snark, there was laughter, and there were moments that I could not believe what I was reading. I do believe that Front Lines is one of the most intense books I have ever read. The emotions I felt while reading this book… There was so much sexism and so much racism; I was at a loss for words. Through everything these three young women faced, they did not let anyone or anything stop them from overcoming every challenge.

At a whopping 576 pages, Front Lines is also one of the longest books I have read. Most of the books that I read range anywhere from 200-300ish pages. Despite the fact that Front Lines is a very large book, I flew through this novel like there was no tomorrow. Please do not let the size of this book discourage you from reading it. You will miss out on an amazing story.

I deliberated back and forth on what I was going to rate this book. It took me three attempts at starting this book before I actually stuck with it. I blame it on the fact that I can be a bit of a mood reader at times. I thought because I had such a slow start, that I would give the book 4.5 out of 5 stars. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized how much I seriously loved this book and how it deserved all five shining stars.

5 out of 5 stars

Meet The Author


Michael Grant was born in California. From there he’s lived pretty much everywhere in the US, plus three years in France and most of a year in Italy and the Azores. He spent most of his life being a lazy screw-up before finally deciding to be a writer. Because his wife, (K.A. Applegate) told him he had to grow up and get a career.

Since then, Michael and his wife have written roughly 150 books. No, that’s not a typo. 150. He started late, but then he worked extra hard to catch up. What can we say? He’s kind of a slow starter. Maybe he’s just not very bright, you know?

Anyway, eventually he started writing and then he and his wife had a big hit series with ANIMORPHS and then he took some time off, and then he got back to writing and wrote the Gone series. And The Magnificent 12 series.

He says he wrote Gone to creep you out. And The Magnificent 12 to make you laugh. Some screaming and some laughing. He wants kids laughing and screaming. He’s probably kind of messed up, when you think about it.

You can find him on Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and his website.


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