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Title: Frayed

Author: Kara Terzis

Publication Date: June 7, 2016

Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire

Synopsis: Dear Kesley,

My therapist tells me I should write you a letter. Like flushing all my thoughts and feelings out of my system and onto paper. I tell her it’s a stupid idea.

But here I am, writing a letter to a dead girl. Where do I start? Where did our story begin? From the moment you were born…or died?

I’ll start with the moment I found out the truth about you. Your lies and my pain. Because it always begins and ends with you.
And that end began when Rafe Lawrence came back to town…

Ava Hale will do anything to find her sister’s killer…although she’ll wish she hadn’t. Because the harder Ava looks, the more secrets she uncovers about Kesley, and the more she begins to think that the girl she called sister was a liar. A sneak. A stranger.

And Kesley’s murderer could be much closer than she thought…

A debut novel from Wattpad award-winner Kara Terzis, Frayed is a psychological whodunit that will keep you guessing!

Links: Amazon | B&N | Indiebound | iBooks | The Book Depository

Top Ten Favorite Things About Writing A Book

1. Brainstorming. I love gathering inspiration, and I love brainstorming. I use Pinterest a lot to brainstorm—quotes, artwork, photography all help to form concepts of what I want to write. This is the stage where I have so many ideas floating around. Eventually I have to whittle them down and decide which fit in the story, which I can adapt and change, and which just don’t fit altogether, but it’s such an exciting part of the process.

2. The drafting stage. I get to know my characters, my story, and how my brainstorming translates into an actual novel. I’m not a huge planner—most of the time I only have a rough idea of where I want the story to go, and even then it changes—so I’m often surprised along with my characters.

3. The characters. Characters are such a large part of every novel, so it definitely has to be one of my favorite aspects. In Frayed, I had a lot of fun crafting the characters—in particular the protagonist, Ava Hale.

4. The plot. Most of the time, the storyline is the first thing that comes to mind when I’m brainstorming, so naturally, it has to be one of the best things about writing a book. Not only that, but seeing how the plot grows from that initial seed of inspiration to a finished draft is so much fun. My stories always surprise me in some way. There are twists I don’t see coming, or the plot will take a completely different direction to what I first intended it to. It’s one of the things that makes writing such an interesting endeavor—you never know where it’ll take you.

5. The climax. This is the highest point of the novel—everything the book has been working up toward is explored here. So for me it almost always contains scenes/plot twists I’ve been thinking about for awhile. It’s often either emotion or action based, or sometimes both, but it’s always damaging for the protagonist in some way. And I love that feeling of pouring out scenes I’ve been dying to write since very early on in the novel.

6. Getting lost in your own novel. It’s so easy for me to put on headphones, listen to music, and get lost in the story I’m writing. I love that feeling of completely consumed in what I’m working on!

7. When everything comes together. One of the best things about writing is when everything just…fits into place. It might be a section of the plot, or maybe that ending I’ve been struggling with, but the feeling when something comes together is so rewarding.

8. The editing stage. Many writers don’t like editing—but it’s one of my favorite aspects. Revision is a lot of hard work (and more often than not very frustrating) but it’s a chance to improve. To let your story grow. I particularly enjoyed watching Frayed and how revisions with my editors shaped it into a much better novel. Novels are written and rewritten and revised some more, and I love watching a story become what I imagined it to be in my head.

9. Finishing that draft. No matter how much I write, this is always such an exciting stage. Because it’s done. Those months of toiling away at that draft have paid off because finally, you’re writing the words THE END and leaning back in your chair, smiling at yourself. There is always more work to be done, but for now, the draft is complete and it’s a huge accomplishment for any writer.

10. When other people read it. Simultaneously exciting and a little bit terrifying, showing what you’ve written to other is always thrilling. Hearing from people who’ve read and enjoyed Frayed is utterly incredible.

Meet The Author

Kara Terzis

Kara Terzis was twelve when she wrote her first novel, and hasn’t stopped writing since. Later she started publishing her work on Wattpad, where in 2013 she won the Sourcebooks Story Development Prize, leading to the publication of her debut novel, Frayed. She adores fairy tales, photography, rainy days, and film soundtracks. When she’s not writing, you can find her buried in a good book and daydreaming. She lives with her family in Sydney, Australia.

Her debut novel–Frayed–will be out from Sourcebooks Fire on June 7th, 2016.


3 Finished Copies of Frayed

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7/8: Just Commonly – Guest Post

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